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As a physician, we can use the most up-to-date resources and benefit from the experiences of other physicians, as well as share our experiences with other physicians. So let's start now!


Why use specialized social media?

Classified Content

Posts and conversations are shared in separate content formats.

Specialized Space

All social media users are verified physicians.

DICOM Cloud & Viewer

Ability to upload and view DICOM images on a specialized FDA approved viewer.

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Use Our App to Access Everything.

  • Physicians – This social media is designed with the approach of creating maximum communication between physicians. Doctors can talk to each other, comment, and share medical posts, images and videos.
  • Scientific Specialized Pages – Specialized pages that are popular in most social media are also available in this social media and will bring you a very different experience.
  • Specialized Classified Content – Content is easily accessible in categorized and separate sections. You only need a few taps to get the content you want.
  • Medical Images – Easily upload medical images and view them in a specialized viewer, and you will also have access to the images forever.

Quick & Easy Process With Best Features


Share your presentation case and training content with other physicians.


You can experience specialized questions and answers with other physicians in the specialized public space.

DICOM Study attachment

Share medical images professionally in your posts or discussions.

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Find and share posts or discussions through their hashtags.


Very easy access by Mark doctors, pages, posts and discussions with the desired expertise.

DICOM Study Library

Access thousands of medical images in standard format and view by approved FDA DICOM Viewer.

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Frequently Asked Queries


Yes, using this application is completely free for all doctors and there are no restrictions on using it.

Yes, you can save patient’s studies at the same time and access them forever.

Yes, the viewer used in the application is FDA and CE certified, which guarantees that this viewer is diagnostic.

No, currently, all members in this application are physicians, but in the future there is a possibility of adding other colleagues in the field of health.

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